Real-Time Consumer Tech Trend

Who wants to read yesterday’s news? It was this question that led to the decline in newspaper readership. Now, the question is, who wants to read this mornings news? The real-time trend is leading the next evolution in information technology. Here and now is the new rally cry ushering in the real-time movement.

Relevancy — It’s not just about having real-time information, it’s about making sense of it all. For instance, how does 250 Twitter results every second help me better understand the news? Consumers are looking to real-time tools that can analyze and sort information to make sense of it all.
Immediate — It’s not enough to just have Twitter real-time search. What about other news sources such as AP or NY Times? What about reviews or weather or traffic results? As more information becomes more immediate (think user-generated content via your mobile phone), expect real-time tools to surge in the consumer market.

Waze — Waze is a crowdsourced mobile map that provides real-time traffic information that launched initially in Israel and is making its way over to America. The one barrier to entry, writes Mashable, is the app only works as well as the amount of information to power it. Therefore, if adoption rates are low, so will the quality of information.
Social Search — Bing now has the ability to index all of Twitter’s content. Therefore, if you’re looking for more information about Halloween decorating ideas, you can turn to the Twitterverse for answers. And Google has also implemented social search, but instead of focusing on just Twitter, the search giant is digging into all of your social profiles to give users a broad…

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