Infographic of the Day: Ditch the Resume; Make a Chart Instead

resume infographic

We all know it: Polish that resume all you want, but it’s gonna be “read” for 10 seconds, tops. So it makes a lot of sense to ditch the resume altogether, and create a chart instead.

Via Patrick Dubois comes two examples. The first, above, is a graphic timeline with a couple of charts. A stickler for infographics would point out that the heights of the charts don’t really correspond to any data–surely there’s a way to fudge that with an axis, and make them into real graphs (this also illustrates the pitfalls of graphing your resume for a bunch of design geeks–the design better be tight). But nonetheless, it all works well enough.

The second example is somewhat more straightforward and utilitarian–it’s basically a subway stop map, of the sort that has been used to graph everything from the best movies of all-time to the year’s hottest Webtrends. These graphs are obviously good for showing the intersections between otherwise unaffiliated strands of information. Leaving aside the youthful arrogance of quoting Ayn Rand at the bottom of the key, the only confusing part here is the rather muddled timeline–it would have worked a lot better if the lines were rearranged to make the time periods of each strand easier to discern in parallel.

visual expand

Some interesting experiments. The only dilemma is getting the right words onto these charts to explain exactly what all this stuff means. (What, for example, is APAC forensics?) Ergo, probably the smartest way to pull all this off is to insert charts at germane points of a resume, thus providing some context for things you’d like to highlight.

For other interesting but also less successful attempts at graphic resumes, check out this post.

[Via VisualThinkMap]