Architecture Bloopers, Cutting-Edge Kicks, and 12 Other Mind-Bending Stories This Week on

Fast Company roundup

This week, Fast Company was all about eye candy–for better and for worse.

We found 300 of the world’s hottest poster designs, 13 cutting-edge kicks, 12 groundbreaking pieces of digital art, and nine of the world’s coolest cool subway stations. (Alas, none of them were stateside.) We also chatted with Wolff Olins about why AOL’s new brand is from the future and then decided it didn’t suck as much as we thought it did.

But eye candy isn’t always good for you. Just ask Tiger Woods, whose extramarital affairs have put his billion-dollar brand in jeopardy. Or check out these high-profile architecture bloopers, this creepy protective baby pod, or this Burton-designed olympic snowboarder unform, which our own Alissa Walker likened to “something your stoner roommate threw on for a pre-slopes wake n’ bake sesh.”

In other news, doctors got iPhone apps, Google unveiled realtime search, Florida judges had to stop social-networking, and Facebook got in trouble for tweaking its privacy settings.

Whew. See you all next week!DM