• 12.11.09

Improv Comedy, Live From the Copenhagen Climate Summit

Grist’s intrepid reporter at the climate conference is none other than comedian Eugene Mirman.


You’d expect the environmental-news site to play it straight at the Copenhagen conference–but you’d be wrong. Instead, they’ve introduced some much-need levity into the coverage by sending intrepid blogger, genius twitterer, and bizarro comedian Eugene Mirman to report on the proceedings. Grist teed up Mirman with the very helpful guide, How to Explain Copenhagen to a Comedian, which also happens to be a pretty excellent overview of the issues being tabled at COP15.

Mirman will be there for the entire coming week. So far, he’s just filed this opening introduction, wherein he reports from a trashcan and tells some Bangladeshi delegates that they’re totally eff-ed. Grist’s series of dispatches, appropriately enough, is How Føcked are We? Add it to your RSS, and get ready for laughs.

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