Infographic of the Day: The Carbon-Economy Opportunity

Last month, The Economist held The Carbon Economy Summit, a confab dedicated to the business opportunities arising from renewable exnergy. To set the stage, XPlane created this animated series of infographics, which presents the problem–and the opportunity–brought about by such a massive sea change.

The video itself marshals a wealth of stats–ranging from the amount that VC’s are pouring into green investments, to the various companies, including oil giants like Exxon Mobil, which are dedicating resources to research. Not the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, but it sure beats reading a white paper.

As a bonus, let’s put into perspective the carbon emissions we’ve created. Pegged to the Copenhagen summit this week, The Guardian created this infographic, detailing the carbon emissions by each country since the last major emissions meeting in Kyoto. Which really highlights two big culprits: The U.S. and China. Makes sense then that the innovation should be happen in those countries–but while places like Germany build up their solar capacity, we’ve been lagging behind, in no small part because of the climate-change-denial industry that crowds American airwaves with disinformation.

Carbon emissions

[Via CoolInfographics and Data Visualisation]CK