TeuxDeux: The Web’s Most Beautiful To-Do List


As more and more apps move off our hard drives and into the cloud, the hunt is on for a killer, Web-based to-do list–there’s already Google Tasks, Todoist, Task2Gather, and Remember the Milk. Frankly, all those services leave us cold, in terms of interface design. The newly launched TeuxDeux has them all beat.

The service is simple, and that’s part of its appeal. The only thing it really does is keep lists of things you’ve got to do, and allow you to reorganize and prioritize them with dragging and dropping. Check it out:

Granted, there’s no synching mechanism that’ll link up with a smartphone app, or your other calendars, which would make this calendar travel with you wherever you go. But what it does do is create a clean, simple, easy-on-the-eyes interface that should be a role model for Web apps. That’s something worth building upon.

[Via TeuxDeux’s designer, and veteran design blogger, Swiss Miss]CK