What Will Farming Look Like in 2050?

protofarm 2050

As it stands, Big Agriculture companies like Monsanto dominate the farming industry with their patented, genetically-engineered crops. The burgeoning organic movement has slowly shifted the tide, but it’s still hard to imagine a day when the small, organic growers hold sway over the multinational corporations that are currently in charge. Protofarm 2050, a project put together by Design Indaba, tries to imagine what such a sustainable farming future might look like–and how we can get there.

Protofarm 2050 acknowledges that there is no silver bullet with the problem of sustainable farming, and instead focuses on an array of scenarios that could become viable in the future. Among them: intra-urban farming areas to cut down on travel time, vertical farming, and feeding livestock methane-reducing grass.

So what makes Design Indaba think this will actually happen? Simply put, we have no choice. The world population is expected to balloon to 9.2 billion by 2050, and growing countries like India and China will demand access to products like meat and dairy. We have to rebuild the food chain to grow with our population.

Want to see what a sustainable future food system might look like? Check out Design Indaba’s video below.

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