AOL’s New Logo, Site, and Company Launches at Midnight

Like a college-bound teenager on the eve of graduation, AOL is ready to do a keg stand as it spins off from helicopter parent Time Warner tonight at midnight. To celebrate the return of its very own ticker symbol there will be an event at the New York Stock Exchange. But before the clinking of glasses, there’s still a little matter of what exactly AOL is going to become at 12:01am. CEO Tim Armstrong talked to CNBC today about what the switch means for AOL.


From the full interview, this quote caught my eye: “Some of the products
we’re gonna be–I think launching in the next three months are probably
some of the best products the company’s done in a long time. And at the
end of the day, it’s about the enthusiasm. I think our brand is about
creativity, and I think that creativity is a direct reflection of the
employees enthusiasm.”


Now that makes sense! For a company that’s now all about creativity, AOL has certainly set themselves up for it with an attention-snarling new logo–make that logos–which will top off a new site design which is also rolling out tonight. Tune in here later, the designers from Wolff Olins and AOL execs gave me an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the all-new site.

And all you copy editors can relax: They told me that even though it’s Aol. we’re still supposed to write it AOL. Whew.