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Masters of Design

Coke's David Butler: "Design's Preciousness Often Gets in the Way"

Don't worry about little things like typefaces, says Coke's VP of global design: Think bigger.

Coke's David Butler: "Design's Preciousness Often Gets in the Way"

david butler

When you have to manage 450 brands and 3,000 products in 206 countries you have to start thinking of design in a really different way than just pretty logos and bottle designs, says David Butler, Coke's V.P. of global design (and our Master of Design). Butler encouraged designers at AIGA's national conference in October to think about systems, not aesthetics. "You can't look at results without considering the behavior that drove the results," he says. "You can't look at the behaviors that drive the results until you question and think about the structures that drive the behavior. That's how systems work."

Visit AIGA's site for the video of Butler and dozens of other speakers from their biennial conference.