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Burton’s Olympic Snowboarder Gear More Hash-Pipe Than Half-Pipe

The official uniform for the U.S. Olympic snowboarding team. Righteous or wrong?

Purveyor of shredder-chic Burton has designed the official snowboarding team uniform which will be worn by United States athletes competing in the Vancouver Olympic Games this February. So why does it look like something your stoner roommate threw on for a pre-slopes wake n’ bake sesh?


One could argue, I suppose, that we’re too old to be judging such things. And to be fair, it is red, white and blue. But if Burton wants to help our team to look its patriotic best, is distressed, poorly-patched denim really the way we want to portray our athletic prowess to the rest of the world? Oh, and for those of you worried about performance, it’s not really a pair of ill-fitting ratty jeans, bro–the whole getup is Gore-Tex.

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