Find Doctors–in Your Plan!–With UnitedHealthcare’s DocGPS iPhone App


Anyone can use an iPhone to find the nearest doctor’s office or hospital, but without contacting each medical facility, you’ll never know if it accepts your particular health-care plan. And if you’re sick–or just lazy–that extra step is both irritating and inefficient.

At least, that’s the thinking behind the new DocGPS iPhone app, which lets UnitedHealthcare‘s 25 million plan-holders search for the closest doctor, hospital, or clinic that accepts their coverage. With a single tap, they can also find the office location on a map, get detailed directions, and call the facility to schedule an appointment.

“We are putting a powerful tool in the hands of
consumers so they can make more informed health care decisions, whether they are
at home, at work, or on the run,” said Dawn Owens, CEO of OptumHealth, which develops new technology for UnitedHealthcare customers.

Here’s hoping the doctors you find aren’t too busy browsing our Top 8 Medical iPhone Apps for Health-Care Professionals. As much as we love technology, it’s not too far fetched to imagine both doctor and patient too engaged in their apps to actually pay attention to each other during a checkup.

[Via UnitedHealthcare]DM