• 12.08.09

Infographic of the Day: Visualizing Hot Air in the Global Warming “Debate”

A graphic summarizing the debate between global warming skeptics and the scientific consensus.

David McCandless

The last we heard from David McCandless, he was debunking the 2012 conspiracy theories and publishing a book of his infographics. He’s now waded into perhaps the most important debate of our time, global warming, with a massive new graphic.


Of course, to characterize the “debate” as such gives a lot of credit to the skeptics, given their often suspect funding and refusal to engage the scientific mainstream. But still, the media tends to treat their arguments seriously, for the sake of balance. Which makes McCandless’s graphic particularly valuable. He takes the main arguments point by point, and presents both sides:

climate skeptics

Toward the end comes a summary of the present “ClimateGate” kerfuffle, which skeptics have take as a smoking gun. Granted, it’s totally bogus, and to point to one story–of shaky import–as reason enough to discard decades of vetted scientific research is silly. But hey, we’re dealing with fundamentally silly people here.

climate skeptics

View the full-size graphic here.

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