Best of TreeHugger: Inhabited Bridges, PETA Classified as Terrorists, and ex-KGB Climate Hackers


These are the 7 most intriguing bridges people live and work on.

Here’s why Denmark is about to become the best place in the world to buy and electric car.

peta terrorist usda

Strange news surfaced that the USDA had classified PETA as a domestic terrorist threat.

See how a man lived in a bike-powered trailer for 30 years.

Birdfeeders were found to be the main cause of the evolution of a brand new species in the UK.

Greenpeace launched an eye-grabbing campaign to entice world leaders to act–picturing them all as regretful old men.

Investigations into the hacked climate emails have lead investigators to a Russian agency staffed with ex-KGB officers. And speaking of so-called ‘climategate’, here’s Jon Stewart’s take.

This underground coal fire has raged for over 47 years in Pennsylvania–and shows no signs of slowing down.TS