Kit-Kat Gives Developing Nations a “Break,” Goes Fair-Trade in U.K.

kitkat apple

First Cadbury announced a plan earlier this year to buy fair-trade cocoa from Ghana. Then Mars promised to source all chocolate from sustainable suppliers by 2020, and now Nestle–the world’s largest food manufacturer–has followed suit with a plan to use only fair trade chocolate in KitKat bars manufactured in the U.K. The worldwide switch to sustainable chocolate has officially begun.

No word on when (or if) Nestle will bring fair trade KitKats to the U.S. and other markets, but the U.K.-based switch to fair trade is a big deal. KitKat bars are the second most popular candy in the country after Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar, and the U.K. is Nestle’s second-largest chocolate market after Brazil. Nestle doesn’t plan to charge extra for the fair trade KitKats, but the company also won’t reveal how much the move to fair trade will cost–we’re guessing it’s significant since Nestle hasn’t yet announced plans to make any of its other brands fair trade.

Still, the fair trade KitKat is just a small part of Nestle’s quest to green its image. The company also recently started a program to train West African cocoa farmers and provide them with millions of disease-resistant plants. An admirable program, to be sure, but Nestle has a long way to go before catching up with Mars’ pledge to only source chocolate from sustainable suppliers.

[Via The Wall Street Journal]