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Amazon Trumps Target, Wal-Mart in Bug Battle

bugs-targetE-tailers Amazon, Target, and Wal-Mart will rake in millions in online shopping this holiday season, thanks in part to easy, bug-free interfaces and a growing trust for online retailing. (Black Friday online sales were up 11% this year, to a record $595 million, according to ComScore.) But when uTest pitted the three mega-brands against one another in a week-long Bug Battle in which 600 testers in more than 20 countries test-drove the sites in search of problems, the group found 500+ bugs ready to slow down spending.

Target was the worst offender, with 261 bugs reported, followed by Wal-Mart with 150 bugs, and finally Amazon with 94 reported bugs. And fewer than one bug per tester over the course of a week ain't bad, especially when the hassle of meatspace shopping will hold steady at astronomical now through the New Year.