Infographic of the Day: The Year’s Top Stories on


Hard to believe, but on Friday, Digg celebrated its fifth anniversary. To mark that occasion, they’ve unveiled Digg365, a fantastic visualization of the most popular stories of the year.

This also happens to be the fifth major data-viz intiative from Digg Labs–the company’s experimental research arm. The others include Arc, Big Spy, Stack, and Swarm–each of them are phenomenal in their own right, but Digg365 might be the most useful and easy to use of them all.

The new graphic, which was created by The Barbarian Group, displays the top 10 stories on every day, month, and year–a capability that Digg has never had before. The graphic is organized in concentric rings–the centermost shows the top 10 stories in the year; beyond that, you can click on a month to view the top stories for that span; and numbers arranged on the outside let you find the most popular stories on a given day. You can also view the top 10 breakdown by category–from technology to lifestyle. Amazing stuff.

[Via Infosthetics]CK