Quick Review Muvee Reveal 8

Donald’s First Strobe Photographic Steps which can be viewed at, represents my initial experiments with the new Muvee Reveal 8 product; a remarkable, modestly-priced, short-cut to bring motion, music and effects to photo and video presentations.

However, this software is not a substitute for a full featured editing program. i.e. there is no timeline. This lack of a timeline limits your ability to tweak dissolves and other effects much beyond a gross level, but for ease of use it’s impressive. I got the hang of the application in 15-20 minutes. The completed presentation took about an hour.

Be advised your results and time to completion may vary.)

Reveal 8 provides a number of templated effect strategies including: classic vanilla, cube twist, kinetic, reflections and scrap book. Because the process is automated, the results are like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. IMHO, a way to chose which effects to use, for example from kinetic would make this template a lot more useful.

One feature is worthy of special attention is called “Magic Spot” which allows you to make alterations to camera movements on the image. I anticipate further improvements of this tool in future versions.

Full disclosure: I received a reviewer’s copy.