Nissan Claims It Can Double EV Battery Range by 2015

nissan leaf

Battery life is the bane of of electric vehicle manufacturers. At
this point, batteries aren’t advanced enough for cars to go significant
distances without either switching out for a fresh battery or
recharging at a designated station. And as we’ve seen, it’s hard to
build out an EV infrastructure without EVs on the road. Nissan,
however, thinks it has a solution: a new battery that can double an
EV’s range.

The battery, which is made of lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide cathode (say that five times fast), can go for 1,000 charges and has a range of 186 miles–double the range of current batteries. Nissan also claims that it won’t be any more expensive than batteries already on the market.

None of this will have much impact on owners of Nissan’s upcoming Leaf EV, since the car company plans to use a leasing system for its batteries. That means EV owners won’t have to pay when their battery dies out, even if it has to be replaced with a slightly more efficient and expensive one. But Nissan’s newest battery, which is scheduled to be released by 2015, could speed up the rollout of EVs before a comprehensive charging infrastructure is in place.

[Via Gas 2.0]