LG Picks Peculiar Partner in Teen Text Campaign: James Lipton’s Beard

A campaign to teach teens about safe texting features James Lipton’s beard.

LG beard


Cyber-bullying, textual harassment, whatever you want to call it, one fact is clear: Teens and mobile devices can often be an explosive combination. A study
of the teen market revealed several startling facts, like this one: “LG
research shows that 1 in 5 teens have received a naked picture via
text.” Yikes. So mobile manufacturer LG mounted a new campaign to help make their youngest customers more responsible.

The Give it a Ponder campaign encourages teens to think about what they’re about to text thanks to the wisdom-imparting beard of none other than James Lipton as the “Ponder Beard.” The site features the beard of Lipton introducing the concept, then Lipton himself appears in several videos where he passes his beard (OMG he really shaved!) to pondering teens. You can even follow Ponder Beard on Twitter (he claims to be tight with Santa’s Beard).

that’s not cool

It’s not the first time that a campaign has been mounted on behalf of texting teens. The R/GA-designed site That’s Not Cool features plenty of subversive tactics (sock puppets, talking fruit and the “Text Monster”) to teach teens what’s appropriate when texting as well as instant messaging and social networking.

Can sites like these really keep Tommy from MMS-ing naked picks of his girlfriend to buddies (or from snapping the pics in the first place)? Hard to say, since we’re the olds!


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