California Will Be First State to Test Chevy Volt

chevy volt

What will happen to the Chevy Volt now that CEO Fritz Henderson has been ousted? Apparently, not too much. The electric vehicle is set to be released in a 100-vehicle rollout in California next year in a partnership with three local utilities.

The test vehicles will be used for local government fleets, and performance data will be gathered via OnStar in-vehicle communications systems and sent to the Department of Energy for evaluation. GM also plans to install 500 electric vehicle charging stations in California homes, businesses, and public places over the next two years. The initiative is possible thanks to a $30 million government stimulus grant, which will also be used to begin test rollouts in other forward-thinking markets.

GM’s commitment to a test rollout in California seals the state’s reputation as a center of next-generation vehicles. EV startup Tesla is also located in the state, and the company recently announced plans to build a manufacturing plant in the town of Downey. Rival startup Fisker Automotive is also based in California.AS