Phoenix Company Re-formulates Paint Without Toxins — Even the Tints

If the air quality inside your house concerns you, you might want to think about the paint on the walls. A Phoenix startup, Green Planet Paints, has done that, and come up with what they think is a better way to paint your house.


Unless you have a sensitivity to paint, you are probably unaware of the toxins released into the environment by ordinary paints, which are manufactured from a wide range of ingredients
synthesised primarily from petro-chemicals.
Because many of these substances are not naturally
occurring, they do not easily reassimilate into the natural
world. Most of them are considered hazardous wastes for disposal purposes
Synthesising these ingredients results in
non-degradeable and sometimes highly toxic waste.
Their product to waste ratio is often very poor, anything from 1:1 to 1:30
(that is, 30 tons of waste to each ton of the product!)
manufacture of synthetic paints produces nearly as much atmospheric
as do vehicle exhausts.

In fact, paints give off VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the time they reach the walls to the time you paint over them with a new coating of toxins. Even paints that have no VOCs in the base become toxic when you add the tints — it’s the tints as well as the solvents that are responsible.

Green Planet paints have decided to move beyond petroleum, using plant-based binders and additives, and only minimally formulating, using mineral pigments produced with low energy processes.

The colors are light fast (because fading is caused by off-gassing of VOCs) and resemble nature’s palette.

Do they cost more? Yes, a little. But for something you live with every day, like the walls and the air in your home, I think it would be worth it. I hope this company succeeds.




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