Best of TreeHugger: The Power of Kindle, Compressed Air Cars, and the Truth Behind the Hacked Climate Emails

The hacked climate emails have been causing quite a stir–but do they really reveal anything disconcerting? And in honor of the controversy, we go ahead and debunk the great global warming conspiracy conspiracy.

global warming conspiracy image

Kindle outsells everything on Amazon. There could be a future for compressed air cars after all. Pablo looks at the energy consumption of electric kettles, microwave ovens, and stoves–one is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of efficiency.

A recent marine census revealed some asonishing new photos of deep sea creatures.

The amazing city of Malmo, Sweden,
has undergone one of the most intense reinventions we’ve seen–from
deteriorating industrial wasteland to a clean energy-powered eco city.

lab grown meat photo

Pork meat ‘grown’ in labs could be for sale in grocery stores as soon as 2014.

And finally, here’s architect Andrew Maynard on what sustainable design and teen sex have in common.

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