19 Surprising Questions to Help You Energize Employee Conversations

“Wow” answers need “wow” questions.

If you’re hungry for new answers or different ideas from your team or employees, try changing the questions.
Here are a few questions to jump-start almost any conversation you might be a part of.

You can use these questions just about anywhere, anytime:
•    Audio or video podcasts
•    Flip camera interviews
•    Documentary crew interviews
•    Online social interactions
•    Offline social interactions

Go ahead and give a few of these questions a shot. The answers might surprise you.

1.    What myths about your work or our organization would you like to set straight?
2.    Do you know the story of why we are in business in the first place?
3.    How does what you do fit into the “big picture”?
4.    What do our customers need to know about us that they probably don’t know?
5.    What’s a great day for you?
6.    What moment are you most proud of?
7.    What’s the most challenging part of what you do?
8.    If you became CEO, what three decisions would you make your first week?
9.    What do you think our customers love about us?
10.    Why do you think employees become distrustful?
11.    How can we turn low-trust into high-trust?
12.    How would you start creating a deeper sense of community for our company?
13.    How do we help employees feel safe about learning new skills?
14.    How can our organization help you communicate more effectively?
15.    What can we do to help people understand that their work matters?
16.    What can we do to help people feel more connected to their work?
17.    Do you think sharing our values with others can make an overall difference?
18.    What can we stop doing that isn’t working?
19.    What can we simplify?

Veteran producer and communications specialist  Thomas Clifford helps Fortune 100’s to non-profits breathe life into their brand story. He believes remarkable organizations deserve remarkable films.