Amazing Door Wows Design Award Judges Before They Even Get Into Houses

At 17 feet high, the door’s guts are more complex than a Rube Goldberg machine.


Architectural Review has tapped four projects by young architects in its annual Emerging Architecture Awards. The projects include one gorgeously rustic school in China; a lovely, sylvan research office in Spain; an elegantly minimal friar’s quarters in Ireland; and also…a door.

Matharoo Associates

Granted, the door had to be pretty damn cool to win out over entire buildings.

Created by Matharoo Associates for a diamond merchant in India, the door is a whopping 17 feet high and five-and-a-half feet wide, and comprises 40 sections of Burmese teak, each of them nearly a foot thick. Each section revolves around some pretty complex machinery: The door’s single pivot hides a counterweight, 80 ball bearings, and 160 pulleys.

But they all work together invisibly. Push on any one plank, and all 40 sections reconfigure themselves into a
sinusoidal curve, revealing an opening into the house.

For more pics, check out Architectural Review.

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