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Commuter-Friendly Office on Wheels Puts Bus in Business

Austrian designers cut the Gordian knot, in a solution to traffic nightmares.

Commuter-Friendly Office on Wheels Puts Bus in Business

office Bus

In cities across the world, traffic is getting out of control; some people now routinely spend upwards of two hours of every day, just in transit. What's to be done?

office Bus

Leave it to the hyper-rational Austrians to skip all the noise about futuristic traffic solutions or road trains—instead, one group of students has offered up a rolling office, located on a bus.

They point out that almost all efforts to curb congestion have failed; even in the beautifully planned city of Vienna, average commutes are 48 minutes and 56% of commuters ride in cars, alone.

The key innovation in their bus concept lies in the seats, which can be configured as a kind of upright cubicle, or can be turned to face each other, to create an ad-hoc conference room.

Please, let's all pray it doesn't come to this.

[Via Core 77]

office Bus