Latest Hunch Report Says That Mac Users Are More Individualistic Than PC People

mac person

Decision-making site Hunch shocked no one with a recent data-backed report that shows liberals are more likely to be hippie vegetarians than fried-food loving conservatives. Now the site is back with another predictable yet intriguing report claiming that so-called “Mac People” are more individualistic and design-oriented than “PC People”.

PC person

The report drew on aggregated data from 76,000 PC and Mac users that asked about aesthetic preferences, media choices, and personality traits. The result: Mac users want to be perceived as unique, prefer bold colors and retro designs, enjoy indie films, and consider themselves risktakers. PC users, on the other hand, prefer “mainstream modern” designs, consider themselves numbers-oriented and factual, and like sports. Oddly enough, PC users also have a penchant for John Travolta, while Mac users have a thing for The Wire.

Most of these differences can be attributed to the different computer manufacturers’ marketing strategies. Apple has always emphasized the design elements of its Macs, while PCs have long been used by those who simply need a functional computer.

Of course, the whole report should be taken with a grain of salt–Hunch notes that not perhaps not everyone who said they owned a Mac actually does, since “some of these may be ‘aspirational’ users who favorably relate to a perceived brand image even if they don’t have a Mac themselves.” And that’s the power of branding at work.