Best of TreeHugger: Landmine-Detecting Bacteria, a U.S.-China Electric Car Deal, and Solar Cells that Work Underground

This bizarre human powered vehicle is designed to make you move like a cheetah.


A new program modeled after ‘Cash for Clunkers’ is being carefully considered by Obama: ‘Cash for Caulkers’ would provide major incentives for weatherizing homes and increasing energy efficiency.


Scientists engineered bacteria to light up and glow green when placed near landmines.

During his trip to Asia, President Obama and Hu Jintao forged an intriguing China-US electric vehicle initiative.

These new cheap modern solar cells can be up to 6 times more effiicient–and they work underground.

africa malnutrition snail pie photo

A nutritionist in Nigeria uncovered a potential solution to Africa’s malnutrition woes: a recipe for giant snail pies.

Is it really the end of the road for modern green prefab housing?

In the third chapter of a series looking at the growing trend of biking with cargo, Warren rounds up 22 of the best extended frame bicycles.

Unbeknownst to many, there are a slew of oil rigs scattered across downtown Los Angeles, pumping away while hidden in plain sight.

sewer overflow georgia photo

A new study found that a full 37% of the sewer systems in the US are polluting rivers and lakes with untreated waste and hazardous chemicals.

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