World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

Hello, home-court advantage! According to new data from the World Economic Forum, Switzerland — which hosts the WEF’s annual meeting — has the most competitive economy in the world, besting the second-ranked United States, which had held the top spot since 2004. “The U.S. government has been spending beyond its means for a long time,” says WEF senior economist Jennifer Blanke, “and the stimulus packages have only increased its debt.” Blanke suggests that boosting the savings rate in the U.S. — as has happened over the past year — will help. But China, which comes in No. 29 on the list, could assist by persuading its consumers to buy American and “take the cash out from under their mattresses.” Or maybe we could just move the WEF to America. — DM

Wed, January 27
World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos, Switzerland

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