Cattle Industry Annual Convention and Trade Show

Beef lovers, take note: The 6,000 ranchers at this bovine confab may not look like power brokers, but they’re ultimately in charge of a $76 billion industry — and the products that land on your plates. Lately, they worry, too little of it is Angus or Kobe (not that they’re having a cow about it). “We’ve seen a lot of evidence that though people may have been holding off on fine dining lately, they’re anxious to return as the economy strengthens,” says Tom Field, executive director of producer education for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. To help cattlemen (and women) help diners back to the table, former Waldorf-Astoria executive chef John Doherty will be teaching a session on leadership. These are some high steaks. — ZW

Wed, January 27
Cattle Industry Annual Convention and Trade Show San Antonio

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