Famed Industrial Designer Konstantin Grcic Curates Two Design Exhibitions

Grcic Curated shows

Designer Konstantin Grcic is everywhere these days. Last week, there was news of his first American retrospective–which we gave you a sneak peak at here. Today, he’s offering a brilliant collection of inspiring designs, in an online slideshow. If you’re at all interested in cutting-edge design, check it out.

Meanwhile, this Thursday, in a show he curated for the Sepentine Gallery in London, Grcic’s going in a completely different direction.

Design Real highlights the hyperlogical: Rather than presenting sheer design porn, the pieces on display will range from laptop batteries to airplane cargo containers to artificial hearts to welding helmets. In other words, stuff where the form is pure function. As The Times writes:

Rather than exhibiting the most beautiful, innovative,
eco-responsible or whatever product of each type, Mr. Grcic has chosen
the most eloquent one. The computer is the XO1 educational laptop
designed by One Laptop Per Child for children in developing countries.
“I couldn’t show any other computer, not even an Apple, because the
story behind OLPC is so strong,” he explained.

Similarly he chose
the battery of the Tesla Roadster electric sports car over the vehicle
because he was intrigued by how the recent investment in developing
cell phone batteries has succeeded in producing one that is small and
powerful enough to move a car.

On Thursday the show’s site will go live, stocked with backstories for each object.

We’ll bring you an update then. In the meantime, seriously, check out Grcic’s primo stash of design porn, over at Wallpaper*.