Why I Write Like a Pre-teen Girl in Emails, lol ;-) !!!

Those individuals who know me only through emails must think that my parents are Mr. Rogers and a double-espresso. Recently, my correspondences have had more winks, lol’s, and exclamation points than a Twilight chatroom. As unrepresentative as this is of my low-key, Birkenstock-wearing mannerisms, I learned long ago that if my words could misconstrued in an email, they would be misconstrued. Brief, efficient emails were taken as aggressive or pretentious. Or worse, an attempt at sarcasm would go completely unnoticed, and I’d appear downright mean. Unfortunately, the exaggerated facial expressions I normally employ to give context to ambiguous statements don’t conveniently fit into a digital message (as seen below)


Until the Internet invents a better way to express intonation and expression, I will continue to write like an advertisement for manic-depressives 😉

Greg Ferenstein

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