Getting High on Pot Profits, Man

Pot Infographic

The legalize marijuana movement sometimes seems to have a hard time, um, like what was I saying? Oh yeah, explaining their arguments for decriminalization, man. But don’t forget that there have been some fairly significant victories over the past month. Last week, a juvenile justice commission in Colorado recommended reducing the penalty for holding four ounces or less–still probably enough to get an entire classroom baked–to a petty offense. Meanwhile, a special senate panel in Rhode Island met to discuss decriminalizing the drug entirely. And Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle recently announced his support of the cheese-state becoming the 14th in the union to allow medical stashes. (Does that make anyone else hungry?)

Perhaps the biggest breakthrough for the Free-Doobie Front, though, is that someone took the time to compile this cost-benefit chart for everything from arrest reduction statistics to the whopping $778 million that would be generated in weed tax revenue. Who needs to make a point with words these days? Just relax and check out the pretty pictures.

Full graphic at Urban Cartography.BP