Drive a Mercedes with Your iPhone and Nine Other Mind-Blowing Stories This Week on Fast Company

Mind-blowing phrase of the week: “interferometric modulation,” which can be loosely translated as “Oh my God! Qualcomm’s Mirasol e-reader has color video!

mercedes iphone

Mercedes Benz unveiled an app that lets you control your car with the iPhone. But Intel one-ups the luxe car maker with an implantable chip that lets you control your computer using only your thoughts.

minutemaid packaging

Round two of the juice-packaging cage match started late last year with Pepsi’s Tropicana fiasco, and this week Coke’s Minute Maid unveiled a juicy new look (courtesy of Master of Design cover boy David Butler).

Los Angeles took home the crown of Creative Capital of the World, in a recent report. Though we guess the strong surge in sales over at DIY marketplace Etsy proves that any craft-corner in any basement in America is plenty creative enough.

Anil Dash

Blogging pioneer Anil Dash is bringing crowd expertise to the sizable task of bridging government policy and technology with Expert Labs. Speaking of sizable, that nap-inducing Thanksgiving feast isn’t just bad for your waistline, it can be taxing for the planet too. So localize your feast, then strap on a next-gen activity monitor and know the exact second you finish burning it off.

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