ComScore’s New Study Finds Dope on “Movie Junkies”

Research group comScore released its study on “movie junkies” yesterday that surveyed the behavior of 500,000 moviegoers who bought tickets online in September 2009. Some of the highlights:

fandango app

Fandango rules the market. Over $31 million is spent each month buying online movie tickets, with 81% of those tickets purchased at

Females 25-54 are heavy online ticket buyers. Women are actually more likely to make decisions about movie night than men: movie ticket purchasers are 39% more likely to be female. Maybe men would rather watch at home? DVD sales were an equal split between the genders.

The DVD market is dying. Literally. DVD purchases are far more likely to be made by older, affluent and highly-educated Caucasians (aka retirees). Most teens and people from ethnic groups said they bought less than one DVD a month.


Caucasians lag when it comes to using technology to find movies. Caucasians were far behind African
Americans, Asians and Hispanics when it came to visits to Fandango, Moviefone and Movietickets. Hispanic and Asian groups are three times more likely to get movie information through their phones and SMS.

[Theater photo by John]