Sanyo Decides Batteries and TV Aren’t Enough, Enters Home Market


Apparently, consumer electronics brand Sanyo isn’t content with dominating the lithium ion market. Now the company has announced that it is building entire homes equipped with its li-ion batteries. The recently announced Sanyo Homes division of the company plans to start marketing homes outfitted with its batteries for back-up power tomorrow.

The Japanese homes, which will also come with 3.78kw solar system, are equipped with 1.57kw Sanyo batteries to store excess solar power for use during the night or cloudy days. Sanyo’s houses also come with heat-pump water heaters and 10 LED light fixtures that run on direct-current power to cut down on energy loss.

The Sanyo houses won’t be cheap–the company expects that a 132-square-meter home will cost $355,000 ($62,000 more than a conventional home of the same size), but government subsidies and energy savings should help residents recoup much of the cost. No word yet on where in Japan Sanyo will build the homes, whether they will be made to order, or how many homes will be built each year. But this is certainly the first time we’ve heard of an electronics company entering the green home business–can it be long before more solar panel and lithium-ion manufacturers join in?

[Via Crunchgear]AS