Clients From Hell: The Problem With Design? It’s the Clients, Not the Designers

A new blog that any designer can sympathize with.



Maybe the toughest thing about being a designer is suffering the idiocy of your clients. Clients From Hell gives designers a much-needed place to air their horror stories. Which all basically boil down to: Clients have no idea what good design costs. And clients tend to be ludicrously stupid about design, even while insisting they understand it.

For example:

The artwork is approved, but we need to replace the skeleton, we think
it might be homosexual, and that could ostracise the audience, it’s a
very masculine industry.


We think there’s too much space, can you put all the services we do
inside the logo. And if you can – make it 3D too, so it moves when you
tilt the paper.


We have an animation budget of about $1200. We are looking for
character designs, storyboards and animation. We are thinking along the
lines of that Pixar Film with fish in it. You know the one? Finding
Nema? It’ll get you good exposure. We’ll put it on Virgin Airlines.

Man, there are some doofuses out there. For designers: Enjoy the site. For would-be design clients: Maybe you’ll learn something? Oh, right. Probably not.


About the author

Cliff was director of product innovation at Fast Company, founding editor of Co.Design, and former design editor at both Fast Company and Wired.