Hara Scores Big With News Corp Energy Management Deal


Earlier this week we designated Hara as one of our 10 green startups to watch, and now the company has hit it big with a deal with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. The environmental and energy management software startup was chosen by the $30 billion media company to assist in its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2010.

Hara’s software tracks use of resources like electricity, gas, chemicals, and gas, and compares it to outputs of greenhouse gas, solid waste, and waste water from more than 1,000 objects (i.e. trucks and computers). By identifying the low-hanging fruit, or the easiest ways to cut down on waste and energy use, Hara’s software allows companies to cut emissions quickly. The software also identifies long-term goals that require more work.

So why did News Corp choose Hara? The company has plenty of competitors in the software as a service energy management space–Enviance, IHP, and Enablon, to name a few. But according to Vijay Sudan, the Manager of Energy Initiatives at News Corp, the company chose Hara because of “the breadth and depth of the Hara solution–which we expect will take us far beyond carbon accounting and help us plan and implement energy reduction strategies while reducing carbon emissions.”

News Corp isn’t alone in trusting Hara’s software. The startup has also signed deals with Coca-Cola and the city of Palo Alto, which expects that the software will help it cut $2.2 million in waste and energy costs. And for a multi-billion company like News Corp, savings will probably be much higher.