Leading in Social Media Monetization

There are not many people I sit around thinking about meeting. It’s
not that I have a super-elevated opinion of myself. It’s more than I’m
your average (or not so average) jaded New Yorker who has seen things
and met some people. A lot of things and a lot of people.

But, as stalker-ish as it might sound ever since I started working in IT more than a decade ago, I’ve wanted to meet Anu Shukla.

She’s the former CEO of Rubric (which was handily acquired for *cough$366millioncough* ) and now she’s the Founder & CEO of Offerpal Media [Editor’s note: Offerpal recently hired a new CEO and Anu Shukla has left the company], the leading company that makes it possible for social app developers to make more than a few bucks.

In short, this woman is my idol. (Ok, I don’t really have idols, but you get what I mean.)

Listen to this interview as
I try to sound cool and nonchalant about finally getting the
opportunity to speak with her. We talk about the future of Offerpal,
what’s going on in the social space and, of course, monetization. The
22-minute interview starts as soon as you click…

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