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The web has impacted nearly everything: from the way we do business to the way we keep in touch with our friends. The web has also changed the way we contribute to our communities. It is a tool for organizations to help individuals realize their impact — whether it’s beautifying their community or donating to disaster relief in Indonesia. There is a rising trend in American culture that speaks to our search for real, sustainable impact as we re-proiritize what is important to us. Increasingly, individuals want to find out how they can make an impact in their community. Non-profits offer ways in which we can realize change and elevate the social welfare of those in our communities. Through the culmination of these efforts, we can create a sustainable future. To find ways we can contribute to our communities, we are increasingly turning to the web for answers. The web has transformed the way individuals can connect, organize and realize change on a scale that was never before possible. In particular, the web hosts community sites and charity aggregators to organize and direct volunteers to local non-profits. Charity navigators help connect individuals with trusted non-profits to impact change. Based on an individual’s passion (it could be animal rights or the environment, etc), they can find a charity that is right for them. Often times charity navigators direct individuals to a non-profit’s website. Here, the individual can learn more about the charity, the cause and most importantly, how they can do their part. It is this last step that separates the charity ambassadors from others. A network of enthusiastic ambassadors (think the Salvation Army, United Way, YMCA, Goodwill, etc.) that can motivate and impact change on a local level, cultivates a more sustainable future. By connecting passionate change agents to actionable initiatives, the web is a powerful tool to...


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