Method’s People Against Dirty Campaign Reveals Naked Truth About Household Products

Method’s new People Against Dirty campaign takes environmental awareness beyond the company’s all-natural candy-colored soaps and distinctive blobular packaging. A new series of viral ads by Droga5 uses foul-mouthed soap bubbles–a nice jab at those creepy Scrubbing Bubbles–to urge consumers to take governmental action.


The videos (and a corresponding Web site) urge people to write their lawmakers in support of the Household Products Labeling Acts, legislation introduced this summer that would ensure that products like bathtub cleansers, laundry detergent and even house paint list all their ingredients. Currently companies are only required to list what’s “immediately hazardous,” ignoring other toxins that might trigger asthma or developmental delays.

The bills were introduced in the Senate by none other than junior Senator Al Franken, known for his own brand of subversive (dare I say dirty?) humor at Saturday Night Live. I think he would definitely approve this message.


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