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iMo Controller Turns the iPhone Into a Portable Console
Photograph by Drew Kelly
Photograph by Drew Kelly
Himanshu Baweja
Cofounder, iMo Controller
DelHi, India

Himanshu Baweja, 25, created the iMo Controller with cofounder Pankaj Meena. The app, which won best demo at the TechCrunch50 conference this fall, lets users play iPhone games on a computer screen, using the iPhone itself as a joystick.

"The iPhone is a $300 joystick. We wanted to tap into the potential of that technology. I was a big gamer in college, but I wanted something more portable than the Wii. I don't want to go to my TV, turn on all this stuff, and block off a Sunday morning. People can use the iMo Controller to play games on a large screen, transforming the iPhone into an ultraportable console.

We're working with developers to make games more tailored to the iMo Controller. Imagine playing cards with a group of friends and 'tossing' cards from your iPhone to the computer screen. All of the capabilities are there — someone just has to build it. The iMo Controller got a strong reaction at TechCrunch50 because it's novel, but to be honest, this is just the beginning of where the iPhone can take gaming."

A version of this article appeared in the December/January 2010 issue of Fast Company magazine.