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DreamWorks Animation Has Become a Tech Incubator

DreamWorks Animation has become a tech incubator, spinning out ideas to Silicon Valley.


DreamWorks and HP develop a chip that allows for true color calibration across devices. The collaboration leads to a line of HP monitors, notebooks, and printers.


Inspired by Katzenberg and designed by DreamWorks CTO Ed Leonard, the Halo system is licensed by HP and becomes a hot product for the company. HP's recent release SkyRoom is a cheaper, PC-based spin-off.


Intel's InTru 3-D technology allows DreamWorks to commit to releasing all films in 3-D. The partnership proves to Intel that the 3-D experience can translate to home theater, computers, video games, and online markets.


DreamWorks is piloting Intel's new Larrabee chip. It will drastically improve the long rendering times required by the animation process: "It's going to change every single thing we do," says Katzenberg.

A version of this article appeared in the December/January 2010 issue of Fast Company magazine.