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Vitamin Water and 50 Cent Launch iPhone App

50 Cent iPhone Mixer

Four months after Soulja Boy got his iPhone app—which let users remix his songs—50 Cent gets his, dubbed "50's Sound Lab."

Only 50 Cent's app is part of a marketing campaign for Vitamin Water. Like Soulja Boy's remixer, the older rapper's free app uses Moderati's music remixing platform Romplr, but users can only mix one song: "Baby By Me," 50 Cent's first single from his latest album, Before I Self Destruct. You can then post your creation on Facebook, send it to a friend, or enter the contest for a shot at winning a trip to NYC to meet the rapper and New York Times bestselling author (for his book, The 50th Law.) 50 Cent will supposedly even pick out the best remix himself.

50 Cent iPhone Mixer

Even though the actual app and contest have little to do with Vitamin Water (the "flavor creator" Facebook app was way cooler), at least we got a kick out of the literal interpretation of the song title in the promotional video.

[Via 50SoundLab]