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If Twitter, Flickr and Facebook were to get together, it would look something like Tumblr. The microblogging site has a slick, clean design that allows for customization and sharing. In our analysis on social media, we found Tumblr to be a rising star with a growing artistic community. According to Quantcast, Tumblr is gaining steam in the U.S. by consistently surpassing its traffic records. If it continues its rise, Tumblr could emerge from the underground into the mainstream in a very big way. We’re going to discuss how Tumblr is going to lead the next wave of social networks. Key Elements Provides Tasteful Customization Unlike MySpace, Tumblr regulates its user profile design. Users can select from dozens of approved designs. In this way, Tumblr is taking an approach similar to Apple’s App Store. Instead of opening the flood gates to anybody and everybody, both platforms set a high bar for developers and designers to meet — therefore creating standards, expectations and consistency. Though MySpace ushered in the customization trend in 2003, sites like Tumblr are creating standards to develop consistency and stylistic harmony while allowing for personal expression. Customization is crucial for cultivating younger audiences and Tumblr does it tastefully and effectively. Selects Buzzworthy Material To engage users, it’s important to help them discover content they want to talk about and share. Tumblr’s popular section, or "The Wire" features a scrolling bar of pictures, videos and links to entice users to discover new, interesting content. Often, "The Wire" showcases the talents of Tumblr’s sizable graphic designers audience, while also featuring buzzworthy videos and links to great content. Moreover, Tumblr takes a page from the Twitter handbook. Just as Twitter has trending topics, so too does Tumblr. The trending topics gives us further insight into Tumblr’s art-oriented demographic (e.g. illustration, girl, apple, iphone, graphic design, architecture, etc). The trending topics help users find buzzworthy content. This approach will increase in importance as more content floods the web and users search for consistency and organization. Makes it Visual The visual element speaks to Tumblr’s right-brained demographic. Most of the posts are of witty illustrations and artful photographs. Speaking the visual language creates a compelling and interesting site. Leverages Cross Platform No longer are websites the only user destination. Social networks need to consider other platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Tumblr does this and more. Each of...


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