Best of TreeHugger: The New, Efficient Autopilot Driving System, a Rot-Proof Apple, and Toxic Oil-Absorbing Carbon Nanotubes

It could revolutionize the entire highway experience: with the Road Train automated driving system, sensors would snyc your car up with a ‘leader’, and you could coast hands-free.

road train sensor automated driving image

Researchers have discovered an unusually efficient way to clean up toxic oil spills: with carbon nanotubes. Another group of scientists have pioneered the rot-proof apple.

A new study reveals that investing in nature literally offers better returns than investing in gold.

Whistleblowers at the IEA have revealed that world oil prices were deliberately inflated–in part to appease the USA.

Some ardent campaigning from green groups got this Russian luxury car company to drop its whale penis leather interior option.

The Marriott expanded its green hotel initiative by 1000%.

rock-and roll peak oil photo

Did rock music peak right before oil did?

Finally, some cool nature stuff: a species of the world’s deepest living fish were caught on camera for the first time.

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