New Roadmap for EVs Still Fizzles

ev roadmap

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Although Electric Vehicles will finally roll off the lot sometime next year, the biggest question still remains: In case of an unexpected detour, just where the heck are you supposed to plug in your Nissan Leaf? So far, congress has been too gridlocked with its own convoluted climate change legislation to offer any wide-ranging answers. A new roadmap, just announced by the Electrification Coalition, a 13-member lobby group comprised of CEOs from Nissan, FedEx, PG & E and battery maker A123 Systems, would at least get the industry rolling on a city-by-city basis. Still, it might fizzle.

The logistics: Entice 50,000 to 100,000 plugged-in drivers to hit the road in six to eight different cities over the next few years by asking municipalities to develop their own enticements–preferred parking and free-or-reduced-cost charging stations. Those places would have to petition for their own government incentives based on reduced environmental impact on an individual basis. Another 20 to 25 cities would tailgate on the most successful plans, aiming to reach an ambitious goal of cornering 25 percent of the new car market–roughly 5 million vehicles–by 2020 (it’s all depicted in the graphic up top).

nissan leaf

Good buzz, but not all cities will have charge stations. And even the most innovative models like the Coda have promised 90 to 120 miles per charge. The distance between NYC and Southampton? That’s 180 miles, round trip. Unless interstate rest stops are upgraded as charging stations, something tells me tow services will still run on diesel.BP