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HP Touchsmart Designer Takes on Toys, Updates the Red Wagon with Green Materials


Why design computers when you can make toys? Scot Herbst, a hotshot Silicon Valley designer and one of the design minds behind the HP Touchscreen, teamed up with his wife to take on a gentler challenge in his spare time. The result: Kaiku Design, a company focusing on hand-built, natural toys.


Kaiku's focus is the little red wagon, a children's staple that hasn't been updated in decades. The remodeled Zen wagon isn't red, but it still looks like a whole lot of fun. Herbst's wagon features natural rubber air-filled tires, formaldehyde-free wood, non-toxic finishes, and weather and corrosion-resistant hardware. The same green features apply to the smaller PushPull wagon and the Strollkart, a wooden stroller for stuffed animals.

Kaiku's toys aren't cheap—the Zen retails for $319—but they'll probably make your kids the envy of all the other wagon-toters around.