New Online Catalogue for Philanthropy in Washington, DC

Now more than ever, individuals, corporations, and foundations want to make informed choices when they make financial contributions to nonprofit organizations. And people want to volunteer where their time and talents will be put to good use. So how do you know which organizations to support?

A valuable print resource since 2003, the Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington went online tonight. “We offer a wide variety of giving options, including a gift registry and gift cards,” according to Barbara Harman, President and Editor, CFP-DC, and Executive Director, Harman Family Foundation.

Beyond making financial contributions, individuals can have the highest impact in helping to move nonprofits to higher levels of performance by joining the board of directors. And having trained and “matched” hundreds of business executives in finding the right boards of directors to serve on, I strongly advise any individual to go in with their eyes open before committing to join any board. The Catalogue for Philanthropy is the best resource I’ve seen for people to begin researching nonprofits that are doing valuable work in the community.

I’ve also assisted businesses in establishing productive, high impact CSR programs; one aspect of the process is identifying nonprofits that can be potential partners on the ground. The Catalogue is a uniquely useful resource for such purposes.

“The Catalogue features just over 300 nonprofits that have been carefully vetted by 90 expert reviewers from foundations large and small, corporate philanthropy programs, giving circles, DC government agencies, and individuals,” explains Harman.

Kudos to Barbara Harman and Kathy Jankowski, Director of Partnerships and Business Development, CFP-DC, for their vision and execution. Your work is helping people and institutions seeking to engage in meaningful ways, as well as nonprofits that are doing important work. AK