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Because we are at the bottom of a small valley in the Solomon Islands, the rain from behind us and from across the street in front of us was all flowing beneath our cabin on day three of this tropical storm.  Not the best week to choose to hang out on an island off the coast.  The water was raising on us so quickly, that we were forced to put garbage bags over our boots and walk through the foot deep water to get to the car. See Dan’s German born; he likes German cheese and he drives a Mercedes. But he’s also a farm boy, so we drove out of this low land to his farm about an hour away and switched out the stylish ride for the super duty truck.  It felt like half of our day was eaten up by travel and that had me discouraged for a while; creativity and survival don’t co-exist well, so the book was put on hold as we (primarily Dan) ensured our safety (anyone who really knows me will have a good laugh over that one).  Around 4:30 pm we were back at the cabin and back to work.  The second half of Dan’s story is his search for his family which spanned more than 25 years and half a dozen countries worth of detective work.  Last night was all about laying out the facts as Dan put them together over time so that I can reconstruct the path he took to each nugget of information that revealed more and more about who he was, where came from, and where his mother might be. This morning, I’ll be hot at the keys bringing all this to life in real time for the reader.  Stay tuned!