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The architecture that has supported the web since 1996 is being redesigned by Google Chrome’s new web protocol, SPDY ("SPeeDY). SPDY aims to revolutionize the web by creating a faster browsing experience. In fact, the Google Chromium blog says the SPDY protocol is 2x as fast as HTTP in its test labs. The load speed results of the top 25 websites were 55% faster on SPDY than HTTP. Interestingly, Google is making the SPDY / HTTP a Chrome-only enhancement and the transition will be gradual, confirmed TechCrunch. Google is opening the SPDY prototype to developers to improve upon. "We believe that we have reached the stage where our small team could benefit from the active participation, feedback and assistance of the web community," writes Google. Again, Google is crowdsourcing its products — a staple of the Google product development process. Google’s role in the internet is to make smart advancements — by making a simple transitions to a faster, smarter digital world. Google does not typically re-invent the wheel — instead they make smart additions to existing structures — making new products easy to adopt and accessible to users. Just as with Google Docs or Gmail, Google is making the digital world, faster, more efficient and overall better. In its search for speed and security, Google is revolutionizing the web. The new internet protocol SPDY could drastically restructure the web as we know it. Mashable writes...


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